Oral Healthcare Tips For Moms To Be

Pregnancy is an exciting and wondrous time, but it comes with many unknowns.  Expectant moms in East Village, NYC are faced with an onslaught of books and articles concerning the “dos and don’ts” during pregnancy.

Of utmost importance is keeping both mom and baby healthy. Maintaining oral healthcare is one of those necessary things to do.

Maintain Your Oral Hygiene Regimen

Continue to brush twice a day, floss at least once, and use an oral rinse.  Faithfully keep all your dental appointments and regular cleanings throughout the pregnancy.

Talk To East Village Dental Arts

Let your dental professional know you are pregnant, especially if you have an at-risk pregnancy. Make East Village Dental Arts aware of all medications and restrictions.

pregnant woman at dentist office in chair

Be Aware Of Hormonal Changes

The hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect oral health. They exacerbate bacteria in the gum tissue leading to gingivitis, a mild early stage of periodontitis. Swollen, tender, red, and bleeding gums are an early sign.

Periodontal disease is a chronic bacteria induced inflammation of the gums. It is serious when anyone develops this condition, but more so for expectant mothers.

Periodontal disease is associated with risks for:

  • Low birth weight –  leading to long term health problems for the baby, including delayed development and problems with motor skills.
  • Premature delivery –  which can result in respiratory problems, plus vision and hearing loss.

Curb Your Cravings

Pregnancy invites cravings at all hours. Try to substitute healthy snacks, and avoid sweets and carbohydrates. The sugar and acid will lead to an increase in cavities during pregnancy. Brush and floss as soon as possible after snacking, and don’t delay any needed dental treatments.

Dangers Of Morning Sickness

If expectant moms suffer from morning sickness,  the acid will remain in the mouth and can cause erosion to teeth and gums. Don’t brush your teeth immediately after becoming sick. Instead, rinse with water, and brush later.

The American Dental Association has concluded that preventative and restorative treatments are safe during pregnancy. Never wait to have a dental issue addressed.

Maintaining periodontal health is an important part of pregnancy, and it will prevent adverse pregnancy complications.

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