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Oral Healthcare Tips For Moms To Be

Pregnancy is an exciting and wondrous time, but it comes with many unknowns.  Expectant moms in East Village, NYC are faced with an onslaught of books and articles concerning the “dos and don’ts” during pregnancy.

Of utmost importance is keeping both mom and baby healthy. Maintaining oral healthcare is one of those necessary things to do.

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9 Tips to Improve Your Enamel Health

Our enamel is that shiny hard surface covering our teeth which helps to shield them from decay. Protecting our enamel and keeping it strong is easy to do if you know how. Unfortunately, once you have damaged or eroded it, it is impossible to regenerate it.  Take advantage of these 9 tips to improve your enamel health and keep those pearly whites sparkling.

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Five Tips for Healthy Teeth at Halloween

Candy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can sound like a dream for a young child (and sometimes even for an adult), but can be a complete nightmare for your dental health. At Halloween, those sugary foods are readily available, and it’s okay to indulge. However, there are a few tips that can help keep your kids’ smiles from becoming spooky after all of those treats!

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