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Brown Spots On Teeth: Causes And Treatment Options

We live our lives, eat and drink what we want, and never think much about what certain habits can do to our bodies over time. If you are beginning to notice your teeth looking a bit dull and dingy with brown spots, let’s consider those brown spots on teeth: the causes and treatment options.

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What Makes Some People More Prone to Getting Cavities Than Others?

Since you were a kid you have been constantly told about how brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing will keep your mouth free from cavities. Using a fluoride toothpaste and seeing your dentist for regular cleanings was all you needed to do for a healthy mouth. So, why are you still getting cavities?

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Signs and Symptoms of Receding Gums

Ask anyone what they care about the most when it comes to their oral health, and most will list two main concerns. They worry about whether their pearly whites are white enough, and they have concerns about their breath. Few people will tell you they worry about their gums, especially receding gums, but that doesn’t mean this topic shouldn’t be a major concern.

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