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Oral Health Is Still Important During A Pandemic

Oral health is still important during a pandemic, and preventative dental health remains essential. The pandemic has caused multiple effects regarding oral health from the postponement of non-urgent dental care early in the pandemic to now somewhat a return to normal care. Although it appears that Americans have heeded recommendations to continue with at home care, there remain effects and unintended consequences.

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Should I Replace My Missing Tooth?

People lose teeth from varied reasons like decay, gum disease, cancer treatment and lack of proper care. Tooth loss can also occur playing sports without the proper equipment and from many other types of accidents.

No matter how you lost your tooth, the answer to the question of “should I replace my missing tooth?” is a resounding YES, and as soon as possible. In fact, doing nothing about your missing tooth is the only option you should avoid. Now that you know the answer, we will explain why it is so crucial to do something about that missing tooth.

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