Oral Cancer Screening in East Village, NYC

If detected late, oral cancer has a 50%, 5-year survival rate. That why it’s important to be screened.

Next year, over 30,000 new cases of oral cancer will be detected in the US alone, and 8,000 people will die. Oral Cancer is the only cancer in the US that is rising. The thing about oral cancer is that it may start off harmless. It may appear as a small bump or lump, a red or white spot in your mouth that you may not even notice.

At the time of your regular cleaning or gum therapy, our hygienists will do an oral cancer exam. Our dentists also verify when they examine your teeth. If you notice something funny in your mouth, DON’T WAIT. Call East Village Dental Arts right away. Early detection is key. Oral cancer only has a 50% 5-year survival rate if detected late.

To request an oral cancer screening at East Village Dental Arts, call (212) 979-6300 today!

Oral CDX

Oral CDX can painlessly and easily check for lesions in the mouth. It is a brush biopsy that looks like a small bottle brush. With a simple swipe across an area within the mouth to obtain some of the cells, those cells are then wiped onto a slide and mailed to a special laboratory. The lab checks the sample with a computer-assisted microscope to determine if there are any abnormalities.

Oral Cancer Risk Factors

Factors that increase the risk for oral cancer include:

  • tobacco (smoking or spit)
  • cigar use
  • alcohol consumption
  • You can still get oral cancer even if you don’t use tobacco or alcohol.

Remember the lesions can be:

  • Small
  • Look like an irritation
  • Could be ulcerated
  • Red
  • White

Get screened

If you see any lesions on your lips, cheeks, and especially along the sides of or under your tongue, call East Village Dental Arts immediately at (212) 979-6300.

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