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When trauma, injury, or severe decay has left you suffering from missing teeth, the dentures provided by East Village Dental Arts New York City practice can restore the structure, function, and aesthetics of your smile. We believe that everyone deserves a stunning smile, and these natural-looking replacements for your teeth can provide just that. Thanks to modern advancements in dentures, these restorations are entirely customizable. Dentures can give you an opportunity to recover your smile and improve your life. These carefully constructed, yet incredibly affordable artificial teeth look and feel natural in your mouth.If you think you may be a candidate for dentures and would like to schedule a consultation at our East Village New York office, please contact us today.

The highly trained dentists at East Village Dental Arts have extensive experience using dentures to transform smiles. Call (212) 979-6300 to request an appointment at our dental office in the East Village today!

Implant-supported Dentures

If you have lost most of your teeth, the best option is to have implant-supported dentures put in. This technique connects a full denture to your jaw via dental implants, eliminating the inconvenience of having to remove your dentures or worrying if they will fall out. Implant-supported dentures are more comfortable because their secure placement eliminates uncomfortable movement. Traditional dentures can cause irritation of the gum tissue, and denture adhesives can be messy and awkward. By permanently anchoring your dentures to root-like implants, we can produce results that will be difficult to differentiate from a natural smile.A comprehensive consultation with our dentist will help you establish which treatment approach will work best for you, and will give you a chance to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Removable Dentures

The most affordable solution for a mouthful of missing teeth is removable dentures. These dentures can dramatically improve your quality of life by restoring the ability to properly speak and chew, and improving the appearance of your smile. Some of the benefits of removable dentures include:

  • Muscle Support: Your facial muscles can begin to droop after you lose teeth, but dentures help support your facial muscles to avoid this effect.
  • Normal Function: Chewing, eating, and speaking can be problematic without a full set of teeth, but dentures allow you to return to performing these everyday tasks with ease.
  • Aesthetics: Missing teeth may cause feelings of insecurity or embarrassment, and may cause you to avoid smiling, laughing, or talking. Dentures restore the appearance of your smile, giving you the confidence you need to express yourself.

Your dentist may first fit you for a set of immediate dentures, which you can put in on the same day as extractions to maintain the aesthetics of your smile and face. They can be worn while your permanent dentures are being made.

Before & After

denture before and after

denture before and after

denture before and after

Find out if Dentures are Right for You!

Whether implant-supported or removable dentures are right for you, East Village Dental Arts can provide you with exceptional aesthetic results, an improved quality of life, and greater confidence with this restorative dentistry service. If you would like to schedule a consultation for dentures please call our New York City office at (212) 979-6300.

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